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Even if you think, YouTube is saturated...

10 weeks of Group YouTube coaching,

designed and delivered to meet your YouTube goals.

Learn my strategies & mindset that helped me gain 100K+ subscribers organically. 

Group Coaching program includes,

  • 45 minutes group coaching call twice a week.

  • Ask your YouTube questions anytime you need assistance during the course of 10 weeks (Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm EST). 

  • Course worksheets, PDFs, easy to follow checklist.

  • Private Creator mind Facebook group.

Here is what you will learn through my

group coaching,

  • My step-by-step process to create and develop a successful YouTube channel to gain subscribers quick and organic.

  • How to define your niche, through which you can maximize your YouTube channel's growth.

  • How to define your subscriber avatar and mission, to maximize your channel's reach and to gain subscribers organically.

  • My content planning strategies, which will provide you the tools to plan your content to maximize your results.

  • My SEO optimization strategies, which will result in quick but organic growth of your YouTube channel.

  • How to use YouTube Analytics to create valuable content and grow your YouTube channel in the long run.

  • My Promotional strategies, which will provide you efficient ways to promote your content to maximize your channel's growth.

  • The mistakes most YouTubers make, that are hurting their YouTube channel growth and how to avoid it.

  • Finally, how to monetize and make money through YouTube.

Bonus course

Get ready to take your YouTube channel through fast-track growth!

  • How to convert 1 video content into 4 different content for Instagram, IG TV, Blog post, Facebook video, Pinterest post.

  • How to build an email list, to secure your audience even if YouTube crashes.

  • How to design impressive Media kit, to sign sponsorship deals.

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